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Exxx  Oxxxxx here from southern Ontario. I wrote you some time ago re: harry partch, and you told me of ‘we’ll build them a golden bridge”I see it’s coming out on cd, too bad I still am hoping for vinyl. I am in contact with scratch and I am awaiting the vinyl release of “rubies” I am a musical enthusiast and have all your stuff to date. I still have not heard it. My musical stores and connections here are merger at best. I am in the process of getting some bill fay and I did get vashita bunyan “diamond day” as well some thing from voodoo eros label “enlightened family”- freak folk entertaining. Well Dan I have some other stuff that you recommended the clientele pretty good thanks,I have done some digging and apparently you put out some stuff on cassette by tinker this was  back.I sure would like to hear this stuff, perhaps you could oblige, grace me with a copy, I am an avid destotery buff. I was web searching in the summer and came across your best of picks, ie: cass mccombs-excellent I do wonder who is “Klock” de-profundis and semper fi pluralis intrigued and informed my as I am continually attempting to learn. I thought i, mention some stuff that i,ve enjoyed that you may not have hear, “lemon jell ky or lost horizons. There is a  6pc 10” lps just recently released 64/95 is the title. As well I,ve had some fun with “Dub side of the moon” by the easy star all stars it is the floyd classic  reggae/ dub. I did not know that you were into visual arts and seems like film too. I am culturally challenged but I do have an eclectic taste and have gained much pleasure from your mat’l. I am often reflecting on the films of Luis Bunnel, I have seen probably 5-6 of his films. These things + foreign films interest me. i am somewhat envious of your geographical location. I too am in the arts a bit my work can be found in my contributions to blacksmith sculpturing if you have an interest to look. I am involved with other industrial activities as my calling is as an industrial mechanic/millwright. Oh I thought i’d mention to you that among some of the books i’ve got-read is Harrypartch’s genisis of music. Wow one heavy book lots of illustrations and interesting foreword.Been reading some other interesting stuff by Micheal behee “Darwins Black Box” basically a bio molecular challenge to evolution. Well dan I hope i have not troubled you with this email, you have replied in the past and if you would again reply I would very much appreciate your reply. Your fan Exxx
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